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Suddenly (Billy and Dom, Nc17)

Title: Suddenly
Author: Kimber Leigh
Pairing: BB/DM
Rating: Nc-17
Disclaimer: Only in my imgination people.
Archive: here and Of Elves and Men
Feedback: Oh yes please
Author's Notes: Written for ckdutchess for the first slashy_letters exchange.

Dom was floating. Or maybe he was sinking. He wasn’t totally sure, wasn’t sure if it really mattered.
He was slowly and steadly getting drunk on the wonderful amber coloured scotch that Billy kept
pouring into his glass. Scotch that slid down his throat and busily warmed him from the inside out.
After a day of being battered around by the New Zealand waves, this was exactly what he needed.
Just the two of them and this wonderful bottle of twelve year old scotch.

Moving his head to the side, Dom stared intently at Billy’s profile. Within moments Billy turned to
meet Dom’s eyes. He grinned.

“You’re wasted aren’t you?” Dom returned Billy’s grin with one of his own.

“ ‘M not, pleastantly tipsy. But if I have anymore of that,” he pointed to the bottle on the table, “I
certainly will be.”

“I take it you like my taste in scotch?” Billy took another swallow, “It has to better then that swill you
normally buy.” Dom justed snorted. But he knew Billy had a point.

“So what happened to everyone else? I thought we were all going out clubbing. I haven’t seen Lij
and Orli since dinner.”

“Elijah and Orlando couldn’t keep their hands off each other at dinner, so they decided to go back
to Orlando’s. They are probably shagging as we speak.” That earned a snort of laughter from Dom,
“And you know Sean, why go out when he can spend a night at home shaggin the missus?”

“Bunch of randy tossers.” Dom declared, before tossing back the last remants of scotch in his
glass. Sometimes it felt like everyone else was having the best sex of their lives, while he was in
the midst of the worst dry spell of his life. Elijah and Orlando were a couple, as were Viggo and
Bean. Sean had Christine and Ian had any number of young gentleman callers. Hell even Billy was
getting more sex then him. And somehow that whole situation struck him as very unfair. He was a
fairly attractive young man and everyone thought he was funny. So why couldn’t he get a date? It
wasn’t like he was asking for alot, just to get laid every now and then.

Dom had become so lost in his thoughts that the touch of a warm hand on his bare leg caught him
off guard. He gasped and his head whipped around to look at Billy. The look he saw in Billy’s eyes
was a look he knew quite well. He had seen it turned on make-up girls, the twinks in the bars and
now it was turned fully on him. He swallowed hard and tried to will his heart to stop beating so fast.

“Are you alright Dom? Is it the splinter?” Dom tried to laugh, but even smiling was hard when Billy
looked at him like that. Billy’s voice was low and gravely, and Dom was suddenly aware that all the
blood was rushing to his cock. He shifted nervously, trying to hide his growing erection, but he
knew that it was a useless gesture. He looked down at Billy’s hand, the fingers that gently
caressed his skin were now moving steadly towards his cock.

“No, I’m good...” He was barely able to speak, and Billy just smiled.

“Good, because I’d hate to stop, I’ve been wanting this, you, for too long now.” Billy shifted on the
couch, bringing his body flush against Dom’s. Dom moaned softly as Billy’s tounge ghosted over
his neck and ear. When Billy’s lips brushed his, Dom felt a jolt go through him and he opened
under Billy with the softest of touches.

He grabbed at Billy’s shirt, his arms, anything to keep him anchored here. He’s mind was racing
almost as fast as his heart. since when did Billy want him? And why hadn’t he known he wanted
Billy just as badly? It was a sudden realization but he wasn’t going to waste time trying to figure it
out, especially when Billy was sucking ever so gently on his earlobe.

Dom gasped again when he fely Billy palm him through his shorts. His hips moved their own
accord, rising up to meet Billy’s. He felt Billy smile against his neck. Billy’s small, quick fingers
darted under his waistband and when they encirlced his cock, Dom groaned loudly.

Pulling Billy as close as he could, Dom let his head fall to Billy’s shoulder as Billy’s hand began to
move steadily and firmly around his cock. He whimpered and moaned against Billy’s neck, licking
and nipping at the soft skin there. He could feel Billy shiver under his trembling hands.

Billy’s hand kept up its steady pace, twisting slowly on the way down, squeezing the head of his
cock on the way up. To Dom it felt like fireworks were going off all over his body and it was getting
harder for him the breathe. His moans were accompanied by Billy’s own Billy undulated against
Dom’s hip, his erection hot and hard. But all of his attention was focused on Dom, on making Dom
fall apart.

“I want you to come for me Dommie, come harded then you ever have. Can you do that for me?”
Billy’s voice was breathless in Dom’s ear. All Dom could do was nod, knowing that it wouldn’t be a
problem. He could feel his orgasm buliding slowly at the base of his spine. He whimpered loudly,
grasping harder at Billy’s forearms.

“Fuck Billy, I’m gonna...” he barely recognized his own voice, it was so full of need.

“Then do it Dommie. Come for me.” The words were barely out of Billy’s mouth when Dom came
hard, screaming Billy’s name against his shoulder. His vision flared red then white and he slumped
hard against Billy.

It felt like hours had passed before he regained his senses, but it was only a few moments. Dom
came back to Billy’s hands softly caressing him, Billy’s lips soft on his. Dom smiled weakly,
knowing this was the end of his dry spell.

“Alright Dom?”

“Bloody brilliant mate.”

“Good, now its my turn.”

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