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Stars (Billy/Dom)

Title: Stars
Author: kimberleigh_
Pairing: Billy/Dom
Rating: PG
Summary: Kisses in the dark
Author Note: This was originally posted during Monaboyd Month here, on April 24, 2008.

Dominic rolled over and sighed. This was starting to get ridiculous. He had crawled into his bed exhausted, but sleep had been eluding him for over two hours. Sitting up, he glanced over to where Billy slept, oblivious to his insomnia. Pulling the top blanket from the bed, Dom quietly let himself out of the bedroom and onto the porch of their cabin.

They had of four days off from the rigors of filming. Not satisfied to stay and home and sleep like a normal person, Billy had proposed a road trip and when the rest of the hobbits had turned him down (Elijah and Sean being very wise about these things), he had strong armed Dom into joining him. Dom had made a fuss at first, saying that all he wanted to do was renew his commitment to his mattress, but after the first couple of hours on the road, he agreed that this was a better way to spent the time off.

They had found the little hotel around supper time. Billy was shattered from the drive, and Dom was hungry for a meal that wasn’t bought at a gas station or drive thru. The grounds were scattered with little cabins and Billy wasted no time in securing one for them for the next two days. It was quiet and peaceful, something Dom was grateful for after weeks of chaos on and off the set.

Now in the quiet, mild New Zealand night, Dom found his thoughts straying to his friend sleeping peacefully inside. He didn’t know exactly when it happened, but somewhere over the last few months he had fallen in love with Billy. Occasionally he thought that Billy might haven fallen for him. There had been no declarations of love or lust (out loud anyways), but sometimes Dom would catch Billy looking at him in a way that caused heat to pool in his stomach. Sometimes when Billy smiled at him it required all his will power not to blurt out exactly what he felt.

Leaning back in the lounge chair Dom gazed at the sky. Out here, away from the lights of the city, the stars were bright, he felt like he could reach out and touch them.

“Dom?” Billy’s soft voice was enough to make him jump out of his skin.

“Billy, you scared me.”

“Sorry, didn’t mean to.” Billy shuffled across the porch to sit on the end of Dom’s lounger, “Why aren’t you in bed? You looked exhausted.”

Billy reached out and took Dom’s hand. The contact made Dom blush.

“I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t want to wake you with my tossing and turning. So I came out here. I was just looking at the stars.” Dom gestured to the sky above them. Billy tilted his head back to look.

“There are so many of them. It’s kind of amazing.” Billy said and Dom just nodded.

They sat quietly for a long time, Billy watching the stars of a foreign sky, and Dom watching Billy. Now was the time, if he was going to make a move Dom knew it should be know, while Billy was open and unguarded. When he shifted on the lounger, Billy turned to face him, pinning him to the spot with his gaze.

“Billy.” It was all he could get out. Billy’s stare was intense, even in the darkness. He opened his mouth to finish what he had started to say.

“Be quiet Dom.” Billy moved so he was laying along side Dom. Taking his chin, he pulled Dom to him and kissed him.

Dom didn’t kiss him back at first; he was surprised by the turn of events. After a wild heart beat or two, he was kissing Billy back. Billy brought his hands to Dom’s face, holding him gently. Dom wrapped an arm around Billy’s shoulder and pulled him close. To Dom, the kiss seemed to go forever, but all too soon Billy pulled away from him.

“So how long have you wanted to do that?” Dom asked a smile on his lips.

“Probably since the first time we met. Remember in Ngila’s studio. You were almost starkers surrounded by women with pins and scissors.” Billy shifted and pulled Dom into his arms. “You?”

“Don’t remember, it kind of snuck up on me.” Dom replied. He curled against Billy, sleep quickly starting to come over him, “I think I might be able to sleep now.”

Billy gently untangled himself from Dom’s limbs and stood. He held out his hand.

“Come to bed then.”

Dom took Billy’s hand and Billy lead him back inside and to his bed as the stars continued to wheel above them in their infinite dance.


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