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Bleach Flashfics

Author: Kimber Leigh
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Various
Rating: PG to Nc17
Disclaimer: They belong to Tite Kubo and others who are not me.
Author's Notes: Written for 14valentines, Day 6 - Motherhood. Today's essay can be found here. 6 Bleach Flashfics for day 6. These were an experiment of writing in a new fandom to get me over the fear of it.


Ichigo was uncertain of what woke him, but he knew he was alone. Reaching out he found Rukia’s side of the bed empty and cold. He sat up and glanced around his room, he found Rukia standing by the window. She was wearing his shirt from the night before and little else.

“Is it a hollow?” He asked, reaching for his pants.

“No.” She replied her voice sounded like it was worlds away, “I just wanted to watch the sunrise.”

Ichigo stood and moved to her side. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. She sighed softly and relaxed against him. The sky to the east was just starting to turn pink. In a short time, the night would be over and he wasn’t sure where that left them. There hadn’t been any plan, just the culmination of weeks of tension that had to break like a storm.

“Ichigo, about last night.”

“Yeah?” His voice was unsteady. He wasn’t sure he was ready for what she had to say.

“Thank you.”


Orihime was lying naked on the bed when Tatsuki returned from the market. The curtains were closed and there were candles everywhere. It was a beautiful sight; Tatsuki had to admit as she stared at her friend. The candle light made her bare skin glow softly. Orihime rolled onto her back and smiled at Tatsuki. Her breasts heaved as she took a deep breath.

“Well, are you going to stand there all night, or are you going to touch me?” She wanted this night to be perfect, but if Tatsuki was too afraid to touch her, it would never work. The whole time she had been in the Soul Society, all she could think of was Tatsuki and how she had promised she would come back to her.

She crossed to the bed, the shopping forgotten by the door. Sitting down on the bed Tatsuki reached out with a shaking hand to caress the contour of Orihime’s breast. Orihime sighed softly and smiled.

“You’re beautiful.” Tatsuki said, leaning into to kiss her friend.


The Shinigami had perfect, white teeth. Uryu often found himself distracted and thinking about them at strange moments. He often wondered what they would feel like nipping at his earlobe, or biting into his neck. And every time these thought would bring a blush to his cheeks and strange looks from the people around him.

Sometimes in the dark of his bedroom at night, he would imagine what it would feel like to have those teeth scrap against his cock, as Renji took him deep into his mouth and sucked him off. On those nights, Uryu would curse the Shinigami’s name and fall asleep with his hand around his softening cock, the sheets still wet with his own come.


Despite what she told people, Orihime loved Ichigo, had been in love with him since they first met. Only he never noticed her, never looked at her the way she looked at him. So she went on with life, trying to be content with loving him in secret. But she always had the hope that one day he would look at her and realize that he loved her too.

The day that Rukia Kuchiki came to their school, was the day all her hopes and secret dreams were dashed. She saw how Ichigo looked at Rukia, and she knew long before he did how much he would love her. She felt her heart break, but she never told anyone. No one would believe her when she told them just how much she loved Ichigo Kurosaki.


Yachiru woke up screaming. The icy fingers of her nightmare still clinging to her mind, trying to pull her back into the terror of her dream.

Kenpachi had come running, and she soon found herself wrapped in his massive arms. He kissed her forehead and held her close. She seemed so small at times like this, more vulnerable then anyone would ever imagine.

“Hush little one, it was only a dream. You’re safe, I’ll protect you.” She shook her head. It had felt too real to just be a dream.

She had seen them die in front of her. Killed in cold blood. They had reached out for her, but she couldn’t help them. She was too small to help them. She stifled a sob.

“Do you want to sleep with me?” he asked. She never wanted to sleep alone after one of her nightmares. She nodded and wiped her nose on his robe. He carried her back to his room, and when he lay down, she curled up on his chest like a cat.

She could hear his heart beat, and the steady, deep sound lulled her into a deep and dreamless sleep. She knew that her Kenny would always be around when she needed him.


He first dreamt of Zabimaru long before he ever thought that he could be a Soul reaper. In his dream the Nue had been chasing him, and finally cornered the breathless, terrified young boy in an alley of the 78th district of Rukongai. Renji didn’t know what to do, and was too afraid to move. The creature came right up to him, their faces mere inches apart.

“You’re mine” The voice was deep and Renji could feel it in his bones. All he could do was nod, and when he woke, he was drenched in sweat, still shaking. He managed to put the dream out of his mind for a long time, but he never really forgot it.

It wasn’t until years later, after he entered the Academy that his dream began to make sense to him. On the eve of his graduation, he dreamt it again. This time he wasn’t afraid, and stood his ground as the Nue advanced on him.

“So you understand?”

“Yes.” Renji felt breath catch in his throat. The Nue came right up to him.

“You’re mine.”

Renji reached out and laid a hand on the creature.

“Always yours, Zabimaru.”


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