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One Night in Ithilien (Faramir/Frodo)

Title: One Night in Ithilien
Author: Kimber Leigh
Pairing: Faramir/Frodo
Rating: Hard R
Disclaimer: So not mine, they belong to J.R.R Tolkien and other people who are not me.
Archive: Just here.
Author's Notes: Written for aprilkat for the lotr_sesa challenge. I am massively late with it, but I hope that she likes it anyways. It ended up totally different then I first planned but I like it so much better. Its book canon, which I have never really written before, so it might be slightly OOC.

I’m dedicating this one to my mom (even though she will never see it), for having a copy of Lord of the Rings when I needed it most. Thanks Mom.

Despite his size and appearance, Faramir knows that Frodo is no child. There is something in his eyes that is far older and has seen more then one would think. As they talk, Faramir finds himself being drawn into those same eyes. They are a colour he has never seen before and Faramir finds his mind wandering into places where it should not go. He begins to wonder what those eyes would look like in candle light, half hidden, dazed with pleasure. He shakes his head to clear the visions and begins to tell the Halflings that Boromir is dead.

The walk to Henneth Annun is long and uncomfortable in the warm weather. Faramir continues to question Frodo as they go, but the Halfling gives up nothing of his errand.

For his part, Faramir is not sure if it was good fortune or bad that the Halflings were found. A voice in his mind begins to whisper seductively to Faramir and soon he finds his mind crowded with visions of what he wants to do to Frodo. There is something that is pulling him to Frodo; Faramir can feel it pulling like a magnet. It puts him on his guard.


When they arrive, Faramir orders that the Halflings be well looked after. They were given a place to rest, water to wash and food. He suspects that they had been wandering the wilderness for many days. They eat in relative silence and after they have had their fill Faramir takes them aside and continues his interrogation.

Sam let it slip, the reason why they are travelling through Gondor, and in an instant, Faramir sees images in his mind of what could be if he were to seize the ring. He resists it, a fate that his brother was not spared.


When Frodo faints, Faramir is there to catch him. The sleep-like state softens Frodo’s features and Faramir is struck by how truly beautiful he is. He wants to touch the fair skin of his face, but Sam’s presence at his elbow stops him.

“Let’s get him into bed. He needs rest.” Faramir carries Frodo over to the pallet the men have set up for them. After laying Frodo down, Faramir looks at Sam, “As do you. Take your ease, you are safe here.”

Sam only nods before lying down beside Frodo. Faramir watches over them until Sam falls into slumber.


Faramir had been sleeping fitfully when the sound of footsteps on the floor beside him wakes him. In one quick movement, he is crouching on his bedroll, dagger in his hand, ready to be used. Before him Frodo cowers.

“I am sorry Frodo. I did not mean to startle you so.”

“It’s my fault, I never should have come in here, I just needed…” Frodo’s voice trails off and he turns to leave, but Faramir grabs his hand.

“Needed what?” He asks, pulling Frodo closer to him.

Frodo says nothing in response, he only leans in and kisses Faramir.



After a moment of bewilderment, Faramir kisses Frodo back. He picks him up and sits him in his lap. Frodo’s smaller hands clutch at his uniform as Faramir pulls him closer.

Faramir’s hands find the various buttons and clasps that hold Frodo’s clothing in place and soon he has them undone. Frodo gasps when Faramir’s fingers touch the bare skin of his chest but he flinches away when they brush against the Ring.

Faramir looks at Frodo. He was blushing and ready to flee. Faramir makes Frodo meet his gaze.

“I do not desire it Frodo, but I desire you.”


They move together in relative silence, always aware of the presence of the men around them. Faramir’s hand engulfs Frodo’s erection and his hips buck against Faramir. He whimpers when Faramir kisses him.

“We must be quiet.”

Faramir struggles with the lacing of his trousers, but after a few moments his cock finally springs free. Frodo’s eyes widened and he reaches for it. Faramir manoeuvres Frodo into a position where their erections are touching and he encloses Frodo’s hands in his.

“Let us take our pleasure together.”

Moans of pleasure fall from their lips as they kiss and come together.


When Faramir wakes from his sleep, Frodo is still beside him, sleeping deeply. Reaching out he runs his fingers through Frodo’s hair. He feels his cock beginning to stir, and he hopes that they might have a few more stolen moments before the rest of the men were roused from slumber.

A polite cough from the other side of the curtain gets his attention.

“Captain Faramir, we found something that you should come and look at.”

Faramir dresses quickly and joins his men in the caves. If any of them knew what had passed in the night, they said nothing.


“A shadow and a threat grow in my mind. Promise me that you will not do anything rash.”

“I promise, but there is no other way to Mordor and it is to Mordor that I need to go.”

“I know, but I worry. No one ventures near Minas Morgul anymore, and the Pass of Cirith Ungol is very dangerous. There are dark things dwelling in the caves there. ”

“I have no choice. If I fail on this quest, it will be the end of everything”

“Then may the Valar protect you Frodo Baggins.”

“And you as well Captain Faramir.”



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Dec. 31st, 2006 05:56 am (UTC)
Oh, thank you for my story!

I've always missed that moment from the book in the movie - Frodo fainting into Faramir's arms. You do a very nice job of folding that in and making it significant between them.

I like the way Faramir is pulled towards Frodo, as we're not sure at first if it might not be the Ring, but at this line - "I do not desire it Frodo, but I desire you" - we know that Faramir is sure and true.

The ending, as they part with honourable farewells, leaves us with book canon, yes, but also with a sense of them as equals parting to do their duty. I would like to think that they will meet again in Minas Tirith and share the stories of their missions - since both may feel a sense of failure, maybe they can validate each other's ultimate triumph. (Of course, I envision that meeting taking place in bed...)

Thanks again.
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